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I was waiting for the night

Posted by walking_fantasy on 2008.11.25 at 12:44
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when I could soar with you.Collapse )

card captor miho!

because i'm begging for the sun;

Posted by love_ribbon on 2008.11.05 at 05:24
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Where Miho woke up was not where Miho had originally gone to sleep and the blue-haired girl found herself pushing herself up into a sitting position. She realized then that she was on top of what was potentially the most painful plant she'd ever encountered. Quickly scooting away from it, she blinked her violet eyes, finding them wide as she examined the area around her.

This was no Ryou's apartment, that was for sure. It was like nothing that Miho had seen before, and she was in such awe that she didn't bother to try and stand up. Was this a dream? Miho found that she was often the victim of crazy dreams, but normally, she didn't stop to think that they might be dreams, and thus far, no one had asked her to save the world or stop the crazed killer in an abandoned factory.

She glanced down, finding herself in her pajamas -- a pair of pink, flannel pants, decorated with images of Hello Kitty, and a white tank top. It wasn't exactly the sort of outfit she would have picked to wear in public and she hoped that she wouldn't have to confront anyone in such attire. It was realistic of her to hope that, she realized, knowing that she'd eventually have to find someone in order to figure out where she was.

For the time being, she was unaware that Mana was in the same area. Had she known, she would have surely felt better about things -- there was nothing she couldn't conquer with a best friend at her side.

[ Tag, Mana! ]

Bakura had passed out drunk, of course, the night (or technically morning) prior and as he woke up now, he found himself in a frighteningly familiar location. Home, and not home as it had been the last time he'd visited Egypt with Malik. Instead, this was the home he'd grown accustomed to in the past. The very, very far past.

Everything was as he remembered it. Even his belongings were scattered in the places they'd been before he'd been whisked away to the future (and before he'd died, technically). He wanted to believe that the whole thing had been some awful dream, but that very obviously wasn't the case. He was pretty sure he wasn't creative enough to invent a whole future era, much less things like computers and cell phones.

He was on his cot, staring up at the ceiling of the ruins of his home, blue eyes studying it intently and taking notice of every crack, every small indent. He really was home, and this entire thing was far too vivid to just be a dream. There was no explanation for how he'd returned, but then again, he hadn't had an explanation as to how he'd been sent to the future either.

Noticing then that he was still in his modern day clothing, he sat up and tugged the sweatshirt up and over his head -- it was far, far too warm to be wearing that here. It was no surprise that his first reaction was to check for booze in the area, but as he stood up, he became aware of something else. Kisara. She'd returned with him? It didn't really make sense -- he knew she didn't belong in Kul Elna, and for a moment, he swore he could hear one of the ghosts whispering to him, trying to determine just who this stranger was. Was she someone to be torn apart?

"No," Bakura answered aloud, only then realizing that he'd actually said the word. This place really did make him appear crazy. Nevermind the fact that he more likely than not was crazy, but if anything, he knew the ghosts were real. He moved over to Kisara then, eying her on the ground. She appeared to still be sleeping or unconscious or whatever and he put a hand on her shoulder and shook her gently. "Wake up. We're in Khemet." If she was groggy, she wouldn't realize what he meant, but he was willing to take the chance. He wanted someone else to confirm that they really had returned to the past.

[[ Tag, Kisara! :) I got bored and decided to start this now! I figured you wouldn't mind. Also, hope it's alright to say Kisara was still unconscious. ]]

AE Plot: Abandoned Home

Posted by deadly_emerald on 2008.11.05 at 00:54
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Who: Ryou, Otogi
Where: Abandoned home in city
Summary: Otogi and Ryou suddenly find themselves...in a very unfamiliar place...

Where did you come from, fallen angel?Collapse )

AE Plot: Inside the Palace

Posted by leathaleather on 2008.11.04 at 23:49
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Who: Yami, Honda, the twins, Anzu
Where: The Palace - some bed chamber
Summary: Honda and Yami find themselves...not quite where they were before...as does Anzu

What happens now...Collapse )

Posted by spiceandmalice on 2008.10.29 at 19:03
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[[ ooc || this is part two of this log. ]]

He smirked when Malik yanked a tissue from his pocket. He wished he would've thought of carrying them around during his many colds he'd experienced over the past year. Then maybe he could've done something save lay there on his bed as if he had died, snot stains all over his comforters. It was a good thing he was so disgusting at times because surely, that helped keep his roommates away. At least for a little while, anyways. But as usual, they got over it and messed around in his room anyway.

Bakura of course knew of Malik's discomfort because it was so obvious--Malik wasn't a good liar, not able to save face well; at least not good enough for Bakura to not notice how stiff he became. "Well that's because you just don't know fun people." He thought of Malik's friends--he couldn't think of any that were particularly interesting; at least Thief and Dark Malik had personality. "If you hung out with me..." His eyes watched Malik as they continued their walk. "I think your life would liven up in a moment."

For the hell of it, he decided to dig a little deeper. He remembered something about Malik being in school--what an entertaining life that had to be. "So what does your boring life consist of, anyways? Just school and headcolds?"

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Who: Malik and Yami Bakura~
Where: Malik's apartment.
Why: Malik asks for Bakura's help with Cecilia and treats Bakura's sore throat. ;D
When: Whatever today is.
Rating: Uhh R. Just in casee.

So shut up cuz we won't stop!Collapse )


Life inside the music box

Posted by sugar_spells on 2008.10.25 at 23:43
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Everyone inside the mechanism is yearning to get out.Collapse )

Posted by spiceandmalice on 2008.10.21 at 20:02
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[[ OOC || Part two is located here. ]]

For a Saturday night, Bakura's life was unnaturally bland--well, actually, every night was slightly bland in Bakura's opinion but still; based on appearance alone, his handsome looks and cool demeanor certainly made it seem like he should've had tons of things to busy himself with. The good-looking part was true enough but being able to find enough activities to keep himself from going insane was sadly a little false.

He didn't want to go home because of his off-the-rocker roommates that had been getting on his nerves of late. Moving out was a simple enough solution but then how could he keep an eye on what they were doing, especially at a time like this? Being too far from them was a much bigger mistake than being too close. Besides, Thief was...company enough as long as dark Malik was far away, doing whatever odd thing it was he did when he wasn't home. Bakura scowled to himself, quite certain he definitely did not want to know the answer to that.

Bakura shoved his hands into his jeans pockets, arms pressing against his side suddenly as a gust of cool autumn wind rolled by. He was definitely not pleased with this new change in weather, that was certain. He had thought of jetting off to somewhere warmer while his business was growing but hadn't quite managed to make it out of Japan yet.

...A pity, really. His white hair blew in his face, making him annoyed. Through the slits in his hair, he watched the people in the heart of downtown, bustling about on their weekend, going to this place and that. He had that weird feeling again, like he longed for something as he watched everyone, so wrapped up in their simple and pathetic lives.

What did that feeling even mean? He snorted, betting it was just one more side effect from alot of drug use. Of course, if he was being honest with himself, he'd had that feeling long before then but that was alot harder to simply brush away. After all, he wasn't supposed to have feelings like this one that made no sense to him whatsoever; stupid--just one more reason to despise his weak human body.

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First meeting

Posted by walking_fantasy on 2008.10.20 at 23:14
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The door to Mai's shop slammed shut as she rushed out of her room, running as fast as her tall purple boots would let her. "STOP, THEIF!! GET BACK HERE!!" The man in front of her looked back, a woflish grin on his face, and sped up. "DAMMIT, GET BACK HERE!!!"

How could she have let herself get so carried away with the other woman in the shop? She was an accomplice to this robbery, she was sure of it, because as soon as the man had rushed out of the store, the woman high-tailed it out of there as well. "I WILL KICK YOUR ASS FOR THIS!"

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